Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Teeth

Healthy nutrition for healthy teeth


They say “You are what you eat.” This can’t be truer for your oral hygiene. Your dental diet affects your teeth from the inside out and a healthy nutrition plays a pivotal role for a healthy mouth. Presenting you a few healthy nutritional tips to chew on!

Some suggestions:

  • Fruits and Veggies: Remember when your mom insisted you to eat more fruits and vegetables. Well, she wasn’t wrong. Having fiber rich fruits help in keeping your teeth and gums clean and improving your mouth odor. Green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium and vitamin A which helps in the strengthening of tooth structure and enhancing enamel remineralization.


  • Protein and other dairy products: Milk, eggs, fish, cheese, yoghurt are high in calcium that not only help in re constructing the tooth enamel but also in neutralizing the effect of acids produced by bacteria.



  • Green Tea and Black Tea: Apart from helping you loose weight, green tea also holds other superpowers. It aids in decreasing inflammation and may slow progression of oral cancer. Green Tea and Black Tea contains a substance called Polyphenols that destroys plaque by hindering the growth of cavity causing bacteria, thus preventing tooth loss.


  • Holding down the sugar cravings: It is more important than ever to read the nutritional ingredients behind the packaging before buying something. Make sure to check the amount and type of sugars being used in the food to be more aware of what’s on your plate. Carbonated beverages have excessive amount of sugar which promotes demineralization and leads to tooth decay. Chewy gummy bears and jelly candies can stay up to hours between the nook and corners of your teeth that keeps secreting acids known to destroy the enamel, which is the shiny and protective outer layer of your teeth. As an alternative, artificial sweeteners can be used as they don’t promote periodontal diseases.


  • Fluoride: Foods that contain fluoride or are prepared with fluoridated water helps prevent decalcification in our bodies. In simple words, it helps in effectively usage and absorption of calcium. Powdered juices, commercially prepared poultry products and powdered cereals are also rich in fluoride and works on the top surface of teeth, i.e. the enamel and its remineralization.


  • Chewing gum after meals: Using any sugarless gum after meals are a great and effective way to increase saliva production and removing food bits in your mouth. It also prevents the growth of bacteria in your mouth.


Apart from following a healthy dental diet, it is necessary to brush twice a day and floss too. Eating well, regular exercise, regular movements are all helpful in preventing the risk of tooth decay and cavities. Drinking plenty of water or unsweetened tea throughout the day instead of going for sodas or other sugary drinks. Regular dental checkups can help avoid gum diseases, cavities and other oral issues. Don’t forget healthy set of teeth will make it easy for you to eat well and enjoy your favorite foods even more!