Be Proud of your Mouth this World Oral Health Day

 Be proud of your mouth this World Oral Health Day


There is a well-documented study that identifies good oral healthcare conditions as a window to good overall health and happiness in one’s life. And when we say well-documented study, we want you to know that we did our research!

The contribution of healthy dental practices goes a long way for your body and mind. Studies point out possibilities of interconnection between poor oral health and periodontal diseases and other health diseases such as diabetes, heart disease etc.  Moreover, apart from the overall health’s wellness, a healthy and radiant smile can greatly affect the emotionally influenced aspects of self-image. Therefore, one can say that our Oral health status is essential for the quality of living. (Health is Wealth!)


Why celebrate World Oral Health Day?


Every year on 20th March, World Health Day is celebrated to raise awareness among the 3.5 billion people worldwide who fall prey to Oral health diseases. This day serves as a platform to raise awareness about all things oral care, promote the importance of healthy oral care practices and drive people to take action for the same.

The official theme for the 2021’s campaign is Be Proud of Your Mouth. The motto of the campaign is to encourage people to embrace their mouths and put efforts into caring for it. This inspiring message is the key to sustaining a happier and longer life. In short, we should prioritize by putting our money where our mouth is. Literally!


Commemorating efforts by the Oral Health community


The FDI World Dental Federation believes in celebrating and applauding the cordial efforts and contributions of various oral care communities worldwide. Their steps towards creating awareness about oral care, be it on a local or global scale is powerful enough to inspire change in society.


Stay Mouth Proud with these Tips


  1. Maintaining an Oral Health routine: Did you know that there are more bacteria in your mouth than people on Earth? Well, now you do! Bright pearly whites require much more effort than just brushing. A consistent Oral Care routine which includes- brushing twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash ensures the safety of your mouth by removing excess plaque buildup. Thus, reducing your chances of tooth decay and other periodontal diseases.


  1. Regular Dentist appointments: If you are the kind of person who only visits the dentists when suffering from any mouth ailments, its high time you change that. Visiting a dentist every 6 months is ideal as your gums, teeth and mouth will be fully examined to look for any signs of oral diseases. Not only that, your dentist would remove plaque buildup and give you that extra polish your teeth deserve!


  1. Leading a Healthy diet: Nutrition plays an equal role in shaping your overall mouth health. Healthy eating patterns along with a balanced diet full of nutrient-rich power-packed food groups will keep your teeth stronger than ever. Dairy products, leafy vegetables will strengthen and keep your enamel healthy. And don’t forget to hydrate!