We endorse good habits in
your oral care routine.

Have you ever questioned that are you using the right toothbrush?
Is it backed by the latest science and technology?
What lies inside the toothpaste that your kids are using?
Are these products doing any good for your teeth?
We are setting out to simplify Oral care by
changing that and answering all these questions for you.

Who are we?

Odic is an oral care company recommended to you and
your loved ones by dental professionals. We are committed to
upgrading your brushing experience that is simple, effective, and fun.
We believe that taking care of your oral health shouldn’t be
something that you have to do. It should be instilled in the
form of good habits and therefore, something that you would
want to do every day. Odic is designed to disrupt the Oral Care industry
in India by rethinking the innovation and technology that goes into the
making of a toothbrush. Serving the best-handpicked ingredients and even better design, we are committed to power up your smiles every day.

Our Perfect Smile Promise!

Striving to make up your mornings and nights by incorporating healthy habits into your dental routine.

Creating an enjoyable experience for your mouth and treating it with the best care.

Revolutionizing oral care with a Charcoal clean advantage.